Mikrotik Subnet(vlan) Client Router to Server Router (for internet access)

I have vlan70 on the client MT router (Device is connected to my ZT network).
I have a Server MT router (also on ZT network).
I want any user on vlan70 to be sent out Server Router internet connection.
What steps are required at the zerotier Portal to help make this happen.
( I am assuming there may be some things I need to do at the MT devices (firewall rules to allow vlan 70 to access ZT virtual LAN for example, or to allow vlan70 traffic at the remote router out the WANIP)
Any help appreciated.

To make it clearer. If I use an advanced route setting
dest= via the Server Router node (ZT network address),

This will in effect take ALL traffic on the virtual ZT LAN (from any Node where I push traffic onto the Virtual ZT LAN), and send it out the ServerRouter node.
I only want the traffic from the ClientRouter node sent to the ServerRouter node.

Please advise!!

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