MikroTik version is ancient - unsupported?

I’m running the latest MikroTik ZeroTier package, and in the ZeroTier console it reports version 1.6.6. Has support for MikroTik been dropped?

If you update to a more recent version of RoS you will get 1.10.3. It will proably be updated to 1.10.6 in the next rc.

I’m running 7.8, the latest stable release:


And the console is reporting 1.6.6.

Sorry my bad, ZeroTier v1.10.3 was introduced in RoS v7.9 which currently is only available as a release candidate 7.9rc4 in the update channel “testing”.

Thanks, that’s good to know, I’m glad to hear it’s being maintained. Cheers!

Mikrotik RouterOS version 7.9 has been released in the “v7 stable” channel!

  • zerotier - upgraded to version 1.10.3;

Awesome, thank you very much!

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