Modern ZeroTier (2023) and Windows Server 2008

I wish people would just update their software -
starting to install ZeroTier for a new client, and everything is working great with 1.10.1 for everything -
EXCEPT a Windows Server 2008 client (Win 10) - I can’t get this to work.
Are there any tricks ? If not - what is the “earliest” version of Win 10 Server that will work -
2012, 2019, 2022 ?

Thanks -

Anything after Server 2012 should work with the latest version of ZeroTier.

We generally stop supporting OSes after they fall into End of Life (EOL) for Active support. Namely because Microsoft has changed their driver & code signing mechanisms and requirements multiple times since the Windows 7 days, and don’t back port those to older versions of Windows & Windows Server.

Server 2008 went EOL in 2015. ZeroTier 1.6.x may still work. If not you can try 1.4.x or 1.2.x.
Server 2012 went EOL in 2018. ZeroTier 1.6.x still works.
Server 2016 went EOL in 2022, however they haven’t changed the driver signing mechanism and still works.

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