Moonlight via ZeroTier help

I really, really want to stream using Moonlight over ZeroTier. I currently have my ZeroTier and ZeroTier One setup and linked. However I am noticing very high latency at the 300s ms. My PC has an i5 overclocked with a 3080 connected to direct LAN to router. Manually entered and allowed the UDP and TDP ports of both ZeroTier and Moonlight via Windows firewall. Moonlight Internet Hosting tool installed and Moonlight Internet Streaming Tester does not report any problem. When streaming from my Z Fold 3 even on my Note 9, either on a WiFi connection or an LTE one, I keep getting the Poor Connection to PC warning and the latency is 300s ms. Tried my Remote Desktop app as well, no improvent. The latency is as bad also. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Do you guys have suggested/optimal settings for this?

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