More host on ping scan than approved in the dashboard

I have recently been having issues with Zerotier after using it for 6 months.

Nothing changed, on my system, but traffic just starts dropping. So I gave up on it and started using wireguard.

I noticed that one of my computers was still connected when I did a ping scan on the wrong subnet and it came back with 44 hosts.

I only have 8 hosts approved in the dashboard, and only 5 are online, and NONE of them match the IP of the ping scan.

The approved hosts have IP addresses of, 107, 199, 176, 252, 24, 130, 110

If you compare the ping scan with the dashboard, non of the IP’s even match my online devices.

My local network is using, Zerotier is set up for

Any idea what is going on?

traceroute to one of those please

So I did another scan and they were all gone. I was thinking, did I do something different.

So I did it again, and they came back. Tracert came back empty.

So I did another IP scan and they are gone again.

I almost seems like I am jumping between 2 different Zerotier networks.

My original setup was a VPS set up as a gateway on my OPNSense router using Zerotier. This was for having select devices on my network use a permanent “VPN”. The connection would be good, but if any data more than ICMP/PINGs it would disconnect. It would reconnect again 30 seconds or a minute later.

I have recorded a video showing two IP scans back to back showing the differences, and the tracert showing nothing.

So I noticed on the traceroute you hit on the 2nd hop. Your router?

These aren’t on your ZeroTier network. They’re likely something within your ISP’s network.

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