.MSI doesn't install network adapter drivers. How can I manually install it?

it just creates an unknown device on device manager, with no driver installed.
I want to manually install it, if possible.
I’ve tried installing as an administrator through command prompt. did not work.

The driver is installed when you join the network because each network gets its own virtual network adapter.

Have you joined a network yet? If you have, what version of Windows are you running?

I have… It does not install the driver either. It doesn’t ask for any permission or anything. I only have unknown devices on device manager/network adapters. Hardware IDs of these devices is zttap300. I’m using windows 8.1

I was able to solve it by installing version 1.6.6. It installed the driver correctly, and created the network connection on network connections, for the ZT network I will be using. Then I installed version 1.10.1, without unistalling the 1.6.6. Just updated it. And now it’s working properly, using the connection created using 1.6.6.

The only problem with this is that I will not be able to join new networks directly through the 1.10.1 version. I’ll only be able to use networks that have already been created through 1.6.6.

That’s a great solution for now. I have not tested it with another device yet, but I guess it’s going to work. Everything seems to be right.

Is the driver the same tho? or 1.10.1 uses a newer one and I’m using an older one now?

I’m not 100% sure. Windows 8.1 should support all the latest driver signature policies, but it could be too old.

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