MULTIPATH egress/ingress bandwidth limit


just curious to know any way to tell zero tier to be aware of upload and download limits separately of each link in bond, when using any multipath policy. as per documentation we can only tell the pipe size of each link which seems to be bi directional same size, in real world both directions are not of same size.

for example one link in multipath is 1mbps upload and 10mbps download, while other link is 25 mbps upload and 100 mbps download. what i understand as per documentation is we are telling zerotier just our download limits, which is 10 percent of total pipe size is link 1, and 90 percent of total pipe size is link 2., which is true for download/ingress side, but when we need to declare upload /egress bandwidth parameters , we have no clue what to declare.

Can you shed some light on it?

Any idea guys? just need confirmation and a way to go from Zero Tier team.
is it possible ?

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