Multiple clients on same ZT network

Hello ZT noob here…
I’m searching a way to create a ZT network made up by several ZT clients i need to manage from a central ZT node.

The problem is that each ZT client are on the same ZT network and in this setup all ZT clients sees each other… What i need is that each ZT client doesn’t ‘see’ or browse each other but the central node only. Only the central node can see all client nodes and manage them…

Is that possible?
Any help much appreciated here


You can do that with Flow rules.

I did more or less the same and discussed that here Would be happy if someone could review my Flow-Rules :)

Thank you Michael,
i’ll give it a try in the next days!

Have a nice day

Hello Michael
the Flow Rules with tags works as expected - tks!
Now if you would like to help me a bit further i’m trying to extend the rules as below but got some trouble:

given a ZT network with say 100 clients in it, i need to have little subgroups of those clients to speak/reach others. I’ve searched a way to set an TAG ID and match those equals but seems complicate and doesn’t work…


  • clients A,B,C can see/communicate with A,B,C but not with all other network participants
  • clients D,E,F,G,H can see/coomunicate with D,E,F,G,H only
  • and so on

Is that setup possible - can you eventually share any example? (googled for this but no real examples - setups to start from)

Thanks again!

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