Multiple managed routes cause connection to drop

Network 1 Windows 10 running ZT ZT address

Network 2 Windows 10 running ZT ZT address

I have OpenVPN setup between these networks and it is working well however it is difficult to use on mobile so I am testing ZeroTier.

All my configuration, OpenVPN is disabled to avoid conflict. Also Win firewall is disabled

Initial config works fine. I can ping between ZT IP no problem.

I want to be able to access devices on either network so I setup managed routes. via (LAN) via

After setting up routes above, everything works for about 30 seconds, then pings drop for about 10 seconds then start for about 10 seconds on repeat

I found if I remove either route, then the connection is stable indefinitely. I can have either one individually without issue, but if I add both I have huge packet loss.

What am I doing wrong?

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