Multisite broadcast transparent Lan networking

Hey All

Wanting to use Zerotier for a project, currently spent two days trying to figure it out, might step back and rethink and get some feedback on the best ways of getting it done.

What I’m after is to create a simple box WAN in and LAN out with ZT that can be deployed on multiple sites. The WAN connecting straight into whatever router/ internet is available onsite and the LAN port acting as a transparent virtual wire/ switch connecting to the LAN on the boxes at the other sites. I have included a diagram of what I’m after.

The tricky bit is that the particular clients that I want on the LAN can only broadcast ( or sometimes the data that needs to be routed to all the sites and received by the clients.

What software/ OS (Linux distro, OPNSense etc) is recommended to be paired with ZT, and what sort of configs do I need to get this working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You should look at the ICCN gateways. Or pick up a router with ZeroTier already integrated. Handling this at the firewall level makes it easier.

Opnsense is pretty simple to setup with it. I do exactly this with dozens of installations globally.

Opnsense is where I started with this project. I have two opnsense boxes running at the moment. Got any details for their configuration? Still having no luck getting devices communicating via them.