My 2c on using ZT

Tried ZT for last week or so.

All in all it’s a nice package.

I was able to connect a mix of Linux and Windows system and also make my LAN IPs be allowed as well, using this

(the part when rules should be made persistent never worked !
sudo apt install iptables-persistent
sudo bash -c iptables-save > /etc/iptables/rules.v4)

Also I was not able to resolve my LAN hosts names. Not sure, but it seems like DNS/resolver part is not fully implemented.

Compare to TailScale, ZT still nees some polishing and simplicity improved.

Thanks for this app!

Zerotier connects your devices in one network.

Iptables is not Zerotier but Linux. DNS is also something you have to manage yourself, configure the DNS servers of your LAN.

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