My ZeroTier One mobile version keeps stopping

ZeroTier automatically closes after opening 2 apps besides Zerotier, does anyone know how to fix this? I’m using ZeroTier to host worlds on Terraria and I can’t properly communicate via Messenger because ZeroTier will disable if i do so

Something has happened recently which the devs are being a bit silent about.
Zerotier has gone from this flawless bit of overlay software that just worked, to regularly not working. Not sure if it’s the 1.6 release or maybe a code upgrade of the root servers.

Some android distributions seem to try to close everything running in the background when games are running. From user reports, Xiaomi phones and their “Game Turbo” feature is an especially bad culprit.

We’re not seeing any increased crash reports that can point to anything in our code that could be causing this. It’s likely a setting on your phone’s Android distribution killing background processes. Even the ones you want to stay running.

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