Need help on connecting to other devices in LAN

Accessing DVR connected to LAN on other network

Hi guys, I am trying to view cctv from home PC (zerotier IP, I am able to access my work PC (zerotier IP My business PC is on the same LAN as my DVR ( local IP assigned from router). I tried to ping the DVR from home PC and it is request timed out wheres I could ping it from work PC because it is connected on the same LAN. Any idea how to make the connection ?

And I have private dynamic IP from ISP so port forwarding public IP is not an option

Much appreciated

You need a device running ZeroTier on the same LAN as the DVR to act as a router between the zerotier network and the LAN. I’m not sure if Windows still lets you do this. You might need one of the enterprisey versions of Windows.
A small linux device like a raspberry pi can do it. Ideally the internet router at the site can run zerotier as that simplifies a few things.
Here’s a few of the devices we run on

and more info about routing:

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