Need help with bridging Zerotier with local network for using wifi device with AWS cloud machine

Please keep in mind I am not very network savvy but I am trying to teach myself. My knowledge of networking is not much and my experience consists of simply setting up wireless routers and just recently I was able to get pi-hole setup on a raspberry pi.

What I am attempting to do is get wifi connected full body tracker devices (Slime VR SlimeVR Full-Body Tracker | Crowd Supply ) working on a cloud VR gaming service that runs on Amazon web services (Plutosphere, google for info as I am a new user and can only post 2 links.)

The Slime tracker runs on a Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 dev board.

There is an app called OWOtrack that emulates a slime VR tracker on your phone, I have gotten it to work with plutosphere by having zerotier installed on the phone, and in the owotrack app pointing it to the IP of zerotier that I have the AWS connected to as well. This works fine so I am hoping there is a way to get the devices communicating with plutosphere.

I tried connecting a usb ethernet over virtualhere USB over internet service which is a solution used by a different VR cloud gaming service but AWS shut the connection and cut my access to the machine pretty quickly.

I found this article which I think should work for what I want to do.

I started following the instructions in that article and I hit a wall when I was not able to figure out what my bridge IP address is. I am using a tp-link archer c7 router. I tried to use google to find the answer but I came up empty handed. Can anyone instruct me on if I need to configure something in my router first to be able to get the bridge IP address or am I just missing something?

I have never setup a bridge before.

Also on another note is it possible to have pi-hole and this bridge service running on the same raspberry pi or should I set up another pi for this?

Thanks for your time and patience.

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