Network change leads to no connection (need to reconnect or wait)

Hello community,
I experience an apparently known issue :
on windows machine when I swap from my WIFI connection to a cellular connexion or even if I swap from my wired connection to my WIFI connection.
I lost ZT connexion for some time.
If I disconnect ZT and reconnect, I get the new network windows popup with an increment named asking if I want this new network public or not.
Then sometimes I sometime can again ping the other device on ZT network and sometime I need to wait some minutes before I get reconnected.

It seems that it’s a know issue.
Do you have news on this.
I’m on last ZT version
Thx folks.

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I’ve heard about this problem before, on Reddit.
I wonder if it is an specific setting on Windows.

I have several clients installed, most of them on Windows, but never had that problem when swapping connections, even from or to 4G connections.

I find this problem interesting. When I get some time this weekend, I’ll setup some test machines and see if I can replicate the issue.

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