Network change?

When my Android phone changes the network from WiFi to 4G, it claims that “a network change has been detected” and it doesn’t connect to the server unless after many attempts. Is it normal? Do I have to wait 5/7 minutes before connecting to ZeroTier after changing the network?

Is there someone who is experiencing this same behaviour?

This is a recurring problem with the Chromium engine, nothing to do with Zerotier. A very annoying bug that resets all browser connections when any network change happens, even if trivial or irrelevant.

That said, changing your network connection between 4G and Wifi will require that Zerotier renegotiate it’s connections and the time for this to happen is dependent on the quality/performance of your network connection. 5-7 minutes seems excessive unless you have a very slow 4G connection.

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Thank you, I understand.

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