Network speed too slow - Redmi 11 hotspot

Hi there,

I’ve found an issue with zerotier 1.10.1 (and 1.8.9 too) while connecting a few devices (2 or 3) to my zerotier network using a Redmi 11 smartphone.

With a Redmi 8T used to generate an hotspot to connect all my raspberries Pi to the network, everything works fine; but if I use my new Redmi 11 to generate the same hotspot, the connection speed slows down to 10kB/s, almost useless if I want to move some files. I can still navigate through folders but it is not my goal. Ping times are very good, roughly 90ms…

Unsure if it was a zerotier issue, I tried connecting all my devices on the network generated by the Redmi 11 hotspot and everything was working as expected, with the connection speed running up to 2 MB/s.

For this reason I think there is an issue between zerotier and my (probably shitty) smartphone router.

Have you ever experienced this issue in other circumstances?

Thanks in advance!

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