Network with an iPhone for NDI purpose


I wanted to try to use Zerotier because based on the description, it “can” make 2 devices world apart being on their own separate ISP will be able to see each other as if they are both on the same LAN.

I’m simply trying the basic here for now.

What i did so far is create a network and have 1 windows PC and my iPhone join the network i created. I authorized both devices and it seems they are on the same network because it reports “last seen”.

However, when I run NDIHX on my iPhone, I can’t see the video feed of my iPhone on my windows PC which I would normally do if I join my iPhone on my local wireless network.

Am I missing something in the setup?

By the way, I did try seaching for NDI before posting but it seems none have use zerotier in this purpose before. For reference, NDI is a video protocol that runs on network.

Thanks and I hope zerotier can make this work.

Try the PowerShell workaround described here:

If NDI still doesn’t work after changing the ZeroTier interface to “Private” mode, which relaxes firewall rules, then diagnose further by trying to connect to something else on the Windows PC like a file share.

Hi @dajhorn,

Thank you very much for the reply. Highly appreciated.

There has been some progress after changing the connection to private. I can now ping the IP of the iPhone. However, there’s no luck on the NDI connection.

Any other idea what can I do to make NDI work?


Try another network service that runs over TCP to verify that the iPhone can accept connections through a VPN.

Past that, you’ll need to use a tool like netcat or nmap to determine whether the iPhone and/or Windows PC is listening for NDI sessions. The upstream documentation for doing this is pretty good: