Networking with middleman routing

Hello all
I’m trying to reach an online cloud from an device emitting on a network that can change over time.
The network contains three devices, all on the same ZT network:

  1. cloud, always connected to internet network
  2. middleman, always connected to internet network, has stable secondary link to the emitting device
  3. emitting device, can drop internet connection, has stable secondary link to the middleman

Typically the emitting device is connected to internet and can send directly to the cloud.
However the internet connection can drop sometimes. In these cases the messages are sent through a secondary communication network (radio) to an internet connected middleman. It there any way for Zerotier to re-route the packets to the cloud automatically?
We already enabled multipath routing for the 2-3 link that can be either through internet or radio.

It seems like it should just work. What is it doing now when the internet connection drops?

The packets don’t arrive on the cloud (device 1) if device 3 doesn’t have an internet connection, even if device 2 has both connection to 1 (through internet) and 3 (through secondary link).

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