Networks is only working once

Since a few days i have noticed a strange problem with zerotier. Suddenly me and my friends could not connect to a network we have used several times before. Some of us are one windows some on linux. However i created a new network and zerotier started to work again on all clients. After we have left the network it became again unresponsive when we tried to connect. No i have to create a new network every time i need to use zerotier.

hi, i have the same problem, i put here to see if someone else can resolved, but i dont know if they not undestand, if you use iOS/iPadOS you only connect to the network that you IP is set, althoung to Android users this problem not exist, but my solutions was, set ip to my zerotier on configurations on the page, setting that ip on the same router and they worked, but now after to upgrade to version 1.6.1/2 not work anymore.

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