New account took over all networks and devices from old account

I have one account that I created a few months ago to test ZeroTier for a possible future project, and since then created a few networks and added about 20 devices, all within the free account limits. Since the tests went well and the project should go forward, I will soon convert this account to the Professional plan and add other admins.

But before doing that, I decided to create another account for personal use and move to this new one a few personal devices that I had in the other account.

After I registered this new account, I got the email to confirm it, clicked the link and when I logged in to the new account, I had all the networks of the old account there!
I went to the the old account and its empty. No networks or devices.

In the account details, the password of the empty account was created last year so it confirms that it is the old one, and the password for the account that has everything was created today!

Am I going crazy or something very strange happened here?

Could you go into more detail about what steps you took to trigger what you saw?

I created a new account on a computer where I was not logged in to ZeroTier, but when I received the e-mail to confirm the account, I opened the link on a browser where I was already logged in with the existing account. It asked me to log in again, which I did with the existing account, and then I noticed that my networks and devices are missing.

I sent you a private message asking you for email addresses on the accounts.

Helped via direct messages since I didn’t want the user’s email address posted in a public forum.

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