New client not showing in the unauthorized tab when online need to be added by id first

Hi, since this morning new client are not showing in the unauthorize page of our netwrok but are online and we are able to bring them online be entering the zerotie id by hand. But shows version as 0.0.0.

Suspecting a bug in your interface.

Same for me. Looks like maybe a temporary outage?

We’re looking into it.

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We made a change to the database that tracks network memberships for which resulted in some membership changes being attempted or made through the web UI to fail. That change has been rolled back, and all network administration tools are functioning again.

I love these community user forums. I just did another Zerotier install yesterday for a client, and it appeared at the time that I could not get Zerotier to work. I was going to post about this, but by the time I got home, the NAS and client users finally appeared ! I too had to enter the Zerotier ID by hand.

Thank you for posting this !

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