New in the zerotier world, it works but with big latency (ping >200 in the same city with ethernet connection)

I’m new to the world of streaming, and I want to run Moonlight over the internet.

Locally I have no problem.

I first tried to use sunshine without going through zerotier, but when trying to open the UDP\TCP ports of sunshine on my router, I still couldn’t connect to my computer via the internet.

So I read that it was simpler to use ZeroTier to achieve my goal.

ZeroTier actually allowed me to access moonlight remotely via the internet. On the other hand, I really have a bad connection which makes the experience unusable.

I m in the same city as my landline PC and yet I have a ping around 200. Even by lowering the resolution/bittrate it doesn’t make any difference.

I have very good connection, fiber and my desktop is connected via ethernet.

I read that writing the results of zerotier-cli listpeers can help to find the solution, so here the results :

For the moment i’m trying to stream my desktop ( 8ef58a8a2c ) to my tablet ( 9cc57d4b83 )

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