New mobile app client not registering with otherwise functional network

Hey, folks.

I just installed the Android mobile app on the latest drop of GrapheneOS and when I try to join an existing network the mobile client never shows up in the network for join approval.

I have a Samsung tablet I’m going to try next but perhaps there is a problem with the mobile app? With the app on GrapheneOS?

Logs files…they must be somewhere, yes?

So the Samsung tablet running OEM OE joins fine but it also popped up a dialog asking for approval to create a VPN connection. The GrapheneOS phone does not / has not popped up that dialog.

Unfortunately we have no ability to run LineageOS or GrapheneOS, and thus have no way to debug this issue.


Does the ZT client generate log files? I’m going to mount up the volume with the app storage today and see what I can find but just in case the relevant log files live somewhere else due to them interacting with the system’s VPN subsystem…

No. It just uses Android’s logging facility

Hey, Grant. I’m not really an Android hacker though I have been using *nix for literally decades. Any chance you could provide some hints as to ‘adb logcat’ commands which might be useful for debugging this? I’m reading through the adb logcat manuals right now but there’s a lot there.

Not really. I’ve never used the CLI stuff for Android.

Oh, is there something other than ‘adb’ I might use? I’m down to try out new tooling.

Android Studio is all I’ve ever used.