New My Cloud OS 5 for WD NAS

The firmware of some WD NAS has been updated from OS 3 to OS 5. I use a MyCloud EX2 Ultra and the software avaliable in the download area is not working any more. Are you planing to develope a new software for the new operating system?.
Thanks for your time

I am in the same situation, I updated and now I can no longer install the application through the package installer.

Same here, I have a EX4100 and got updated and when I try to install the apkg it will say “Incomplete app download. Please check your device’s Internet connection and try again.” I got the file from

I have also tried several other packages from that directory with no success.

This is the first we’ve heard of the new WD OS. It’ll likely take some time to get a new version out as the person responsible for the NAS packages is taking a little time off. Sorry, no ETA.

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thank you very much for your response. Any answer is better than no answer <3 I will keep checking periodically to see if anything has changed. Thank you!

Having this same problem on a WD My Cloud Mirror Gen2. Was working fine before the upgrade, but it seems the new operating system is not compatible with the old package.

Many thanks for your work and for providing the software!

I also have the same problem since the Nas firmware update.
The application was deleted and now cannot be reinstalled.
Thanks for the job.