New setup nodes not online

I just created a new network and added 2 Linux nodes. From ZeroTier Central each node is showing as unknown. An IP address has been added to each node. The documentation has taken me this far and just left me hanging.

I’m not sure which configuration step(s) that I’m missing. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Each node is show a list of peers.

$ sudo zerotier-cli listpeers

200 listpeers <ztaddr> <path> <latency> <version> <role>
200 listpeers 61d294b9cb;-1;3173 27 - PLANET
200 listpeers 62f865ae71;3200;3031 175 - PLANET
200 listpeers 778cde7190;13201;3111 89 - PLANET
200 listpeers 992fcf1db7;8200;3041 160 - PLANET

Did your clients “join” any networks? (The peers list should have more peers if so) Might help

Clients were joined to the network via ZeroTier Central but did not come online. These clients are behind a router using non-routed IP addresses, might I need to do port forwarding on the router?

Also, it is not clear to me where the file is located, local.conf. Documentation states ZeroTier home directory but not sure if this is the same as ZeroTier’s working directory. I not seeing local.conf on the server.

You need to join from the client. It doesn’t look like that has been done.

Ok, Thanks. Guess I missed that step. I have flooding issues to deal with so it may be awhile before I get back to testing.

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