New to ZT. Cannot connect to my laptop once it is closed?

I just set up ZT today - I’m new to this. I’m simply trying to connect to my Windows 11 laptop from my iPad Pro through 5G when not home. I can easily connect when it is open and on, but cannot when it is closed after about 2 min. I figured it was a Windows sleep setting but that is not the case. Using Windows “RD Client” btw.

I’m able to connect to my laptop via Windows RDP on my same local network while it is closed so I do not believe it is a Windows sleep setting. I think there is something I’m missing in ZT but not sure? Maybe it is a Windows setting that is automatically disconnecting me from the VPN?

I just want this to work so I can be done with it. Any help is appreciated.

Generally, unless you’ve done something explicitly to stop it from happening, laptops go to sleep and/or hibernate when the lid is closed. That would prevent anything from connecting.

ZeroTier knows nothing of closed lids on laptops and does nothing special in reaction to it.

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