New Zero Tier setup and none of the clients can ping each other

I recently began a new Zero Tier setup (my first serious one) and I’ve run into what I believe is a bit of a beginner snag. I’ve got two clients on the LAN (192.168.1.x/24) that can ping each other without issue. I have installed Zero Tier on each however the addresses that are being received from Zero Tier are not pingable by either machine.

I do realize that it makes no sense to use this setup however I figured I’d start small and branch out. Both systems are running Windows (Server 2008 & 7). Address space is 192.168.26.x/24 with a managed route of All clients have the Allow Managed IP checkbox checked and the firewalls are disabled.

Should these connected networks show up in the network control panel? They do not.

Anything else I can provide to help you help me?

Turns out I answered my own question. For some reason, on some systems, Zero Tier was not creating network interfaces. Now that it is we seem to be in a better spot.

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