New ZT network, only 1 of 2 devices can connect

I created a new network and I have 2 endpoints I want to connect. The first is my home Windows machine. I installed the SW and connected to ZT just fine and it shows in the portal. My second device is a Linux machine in GCP. I ran the single command to install ZT and issued the command to join my network and received a 200 join ok. However when I look at my ZT portal, the Linux machine does not show up. Thoughts? Thanks!

Looks like your GCP network firewall is preventing ZeroTier from communicating with the roots, or anything else for that matter. At the very least, you’ll need to allow incoming UDP to port 9993 on the machine(s) ZeroTier is installed on.

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That fixed it. Thank you! I see various discussion on ZT owned public prefixes. Is there an official list so I can lock my ACL down further?

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