Newbie Can't Ping

I just installed ZeroTier One today. I’ve verified that Webroot Security & Windows Firewall have ZT enabled. My Peplink failover router has UPnP and NAT-PMP enabled. I am on a domain network with a 2012R2 Server and several Win 7 and Win 10 machines that I’ve installed ZT on. I’ve tried using the “Managed IP” addresses to sense the other computers by pinging them via the command line but they all just time out. I’ve gone so far as to defeat the firewalls on a machine, but this has not solved the issue. I have enabled RFC4193 in settings (and not) without any difference.I am on a domain network hosted by the server2012R2 machine.

Oddly, the " Physical IP" address for each machine is identical. When I try and access this address it appears to be my ISP’s router.

I suspect that I am making a dumb mistake; just don’t know what it might be!! Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Well to start, ZeroTier no longer supports Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012. From the download page:

It may work on Windows 7 and Server 2012 and older but no support will be offered on these.

Windows also generally blocks ICMP request/replies (pings) in the firewall by default.

You’ve got the general idea correct. To access machines over ZeroTier, you use the ZeroTier assigned “Managed IP”

Yes I read about the no support also (one reason I’m here; I’m not too fond of Win 10 also) I can ping all the computers on the domain without issue using their network IP addresses. Oddly I can access the Server via the ZT network from my mobile phone using the BlueIris (Security camera software) app, so there does appear to be some functionality to the ZT network. Blueiris is running on the server.

While you may not be fond of Windows 10, it’s here to stay. Microsoft doesn’t even support Windows 7 anymore as of January 2020.

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