Newbie need help how to open zerotier ip port at truenas scale


i need help, i just setup truenas scale with zerotier ip, the problem is behind double NAT, my isp using 1 public ip sharing to many customer.

i already setup all the zerotier ip, i can ping, i can remote the server from different isp using zerotier ip. i found some issue don’t know how to solve it.

i can’t open nextcloud server (port 9901) if using zertoier ip, if i scan the ip port 9901 open only for my local ip add, not for zerotier ip. how to sovle this case?

i already add zertotier ip at nextcloud config.php.


Does your ISP support IPv6? Opening port 9993/UDP over IPv6 in your routers firewall would be enough to make a ZeroTier router reachable to over IPv6 enabled ZeroTier nodes. Failing that you have to initiate the packet flow behind the double NAT and produce enough traffic (a packet every few seconds) to keep the NAT states alive.

Not sure with ipv6

I just solve the isseu, i link my zerotier with my openwrt setup firewall done, now i can use local ip from outside. Still don’t why truenas not opening port using zerotier interface, only can access with pot 80

Same problem here,

it seems to be something with kubernetes, I don’t understand well, but I think it only points to the host’s default IP and not to all IPs that are on the truenas host.
I really appreciate if anyone knows how to solve it.

I’ve already thought of some iptables rule to make all connections to the zerotier IP forward to the physical IP of the host, but I think there should be a “more appropriate” solution, besides I don’t know well about iptables to create this rule

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