Newbie Routing help openwrt

Ok so i got this running in Openwrt router tire both layer 2 and layer 3 and works
in layer 3 mysetup
example setup

internet->wan of mikrotik. Mikrotik (Serves Dhcp) ip.> switch

Opwrt Router setup->opwrt or put on switch-> in lan fixed the ip to> dhcp off(as mikrotik is providing it )-> gateway>dns> network

ZeroTier Controller

IPv4 Auto-Assign (advanced)
[x] Auto-Assign from Range:
Managed Routes: (LAN) ( is fixed for opwrt router online on ZeroTier website )

so on
i have
Openwrt router lan),

From external network i can ping but cannot
Has anyone done this routing to achieve this.

L2 i tried keeping the Zt dhcp ipaddresses same as network and then bridge zt lan and local lan and it works . but i want in L3 that is the first example.

There has to be additional router on the openwrt router from local lan to rest of the local network

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