No access to one device

Good day. On OrangePi Zero Plus2 I installed Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux 3.4.113) ZeroTier with the command “curl -s | sudo bash”. I joined it to my ZeroTier network (I now have eight devices on this network):

Unfortunately, this device is not available from any ZeroTier previously installed in my network :frowning: There are no pings from it or to it, you can not enter either from the browser or via SSH to its Zerotier address (
ifconfig on OrangePi

ping from OranePi to another device in ZeroTier network:

All the other devices in my ZT network work fine (I can connect to them via SSh or http, they respond to ping …) except OrangePi from Ubuntu, which is not visible by any of the other devices :frowning:
What have I done wrong, how can I fix my problem?

For the sake of clarity, could you include a pic of the ifconfig of another working device? Also, the gateway IP on both devices?

The reason I ask, is sometimes that reveals what the problem is, and gateway ips are pretty important.

Now, super silly question, can the orangePi and the other devices ping one another using their normal IPs?

Screen from ifconfig on RPi (works on ZeroTier)

Ping to OPi - internal IP address (not work with ZeroTier)

Ping to RPi (works on ZeroTier)

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