No connection with raspberry NAT/Masquerade setup

I have couple of old IPCameras that are out of support for their cloud view feature but they supports ONVIF and localy Im able to connect to them … so my idea was to use the rspb pi zero W as a gateway to zerotier, and use zerotier as VPN to connect to LAN and access the cams.
I followed this guide:
but I did not work (no connection to cams, no ping) … I have checked with route command on rsp and I found that there was no route for LAN via rsp zerotier adress, so I manualy added it and it started to kinda work … I can ping the router and DVR now using their private IPs while connected to zerotier and I even can establish connection to cams but it fails to show the video preview and also if I want to connect to router it only load parts of the login webpage.

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