No network access

I just recently downloaded zerotier as a notable alternative to hamachi and i want to use it as a LAN connection for playing a old game with friends multiplayer. I set up a network on the site and i allowed both me and my friends computers through the private network but when checking control panel “network and sharing center” zero tier’s access type is shown as “no network access” and when we try to play ingame we get no connection with each other.

I checked the task manager’s performance tab and see zero tier as a listed adapter for ethernet but it shows no activity. This means that zero tier is not working for some reason and i can not figure out why. I allowed it through firewall and i left pretty much all the settings default. From what others have told me about the program is that it works out of the box with minimal setup but not for me unfortunately. Please any help will be much appreciated because i really dont want to use hamachi anymore as it is so laggy and the latency completely ruins the multiplayer experience.

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