No routes being pushed to iPhone?

I try to connect my iPhone to a wired LAN in my office. I use an OPNSense router as a gateway to my wired office LAN.

In ZeroTier Central I’ve created a simple network with 3 members:
1 iPhone
1 Windows 10 client
1 OPNSense virtual router

Now I’ve added a Managed Route in ZeroTier Central to my office LAN which is on subnet via

So all traffic for an ipaddress in the subnet should be routed to the OPNSense router on

That scenario works from the Windows 10 client. When I do a: route print on Windows I can see the ZeroTier One client had injected the route into the Windows routing table.

BUT… From the iPhone it’s not working. When I ping from the iPhone to the subnet I get a: “No route to host”-error. Since I CAN ping the OPNSense router itself from the iPhone, my only conclusion is the the Managed Routes are not pushed to the iPhone.

Any thoughts?

sorry we missed you.
This works on my iphone. I’m on zerotier 1.8.1.
I tested with ping and a http site from the LTE connection.
Hopefully we can figure out why it’s not working.

By the way, to work around a common issue/question, you should make the zerotier managed route point to so there isn’t a conflict when you’re on physically.

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