Node looks connected but no ping and no connection


I have 3 nodes on a Zerotier network: Server1 (windows server 2016), Server2 (windows server 2008) and PC1 (windows 10). The servers are always online. The PC isn’t.
The connection between Server1 and PC1 and the connection between Server1 and Server2 are stable and work as expected.
However, the connection between Server1 and PC1 works while I work (RDP, SQL connection, shared folders). But If PC1 becomes idle or goes to sleep, something happens. When PC1 gets back online, its pings to Server1 are timed out and the same from Server1 to PC1. I also get the ping message about host doesn’t exist (don’t remember the exact phrase).
On zerotier-cli listnetworks everything looks OK.
I then need a serious of zerotier service stops and network adapters disables (on both my PC1 and Server1) before the connection gets restored.

Any idea about what is going on and how can I fix it will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advanced.

[Edit] more info:
Seems that Server1 <-> Server2 also doesn’t hold for long. I set ping with /t from one to the other and back.
My gut feeling is that something is wrong with Server1.

Welcome! Hopefully we can figure something out. Is it possible to disable that pc going to sleep? :slight_smile:

There’s an open issue on our github that sounds similar that we are working on.

What kind of router is that PC behind?

Hi @zt-travis, thanks for your support.

PC1 is my laptop, disable its sleep is not an option for me, sorry for that.
But I’m sure now it is something related to Server1. When I wake up PC1, it always connects to Server2. It seems like PC1 and Server2 work as expected while the culprit is Server1.

(if still relevant, the router before PC1 is ERL3)

If helps, I just performed the following procedure that renew the connection:

  1. pinging Server1 from PC1 resulted in timeout. pinging Server2 from PC1 resulted in good connection.
  2. Logged by RDP to Server1 and performeed the following:
  3. Disable the ZT network adapter
  4. Stop the ZT service
  5. Enable the ZT service
  6. few seconds and the connection was restored.

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