Node loses connectivity - but can see peers/moons and data flowing to/fro 9993

Zerotier works… and then stops working on a node behind a NAT firewall.

traffic IS flowing to and from the node on port 9993 UDP

The node seems to have DIRECT connections according to peers/listpeers to the MOONS and the other nodes

Node is disconnected from the “controller”

What more do I check to see why it’s not connecting/seeing the controller and have network packets flow?

Could this be a 1.10.x problem? Anybody else seeing similar?

Jip, 1.10.2 nodes loose connectivity… reverting to 1.8.10/1.8.9 fixes it.

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We have witnessed the same issue with nodes on 1.10.x releases.
Nodes on linux machines (both CentOS and Debian) at times seem unable to communicate with joined network even though they appear ‘online’ in ZT central
Similar issue also reported by others : Zero tier 1.10.1 machines are getting disconnected from the zerotier - Community Support / Linux - ZeroTier Discussions

When it happens restarting ‘zerotier-one’ service on the node seems to restore connectivity.

We hope issue is resolved in subsequent releases.

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