Node-RED doesn't load

Remote server is a digitalocean droplet with ubuntu installed.
Accessing via a Windows 11 laptop.
Ping works in both directions over the zerotier network.
An internal web site served through nginx loads just fine.

However, connecting to node-red on port 1880 does not work. Node-RED is a node.js app. The default config is to accept connections from anywhere.

Normally I connect directly to the app using ssh port forwarding.

Any suggestions?

I saw some issues regarding windows 11 networks needing to be set to private. I set the ZeroTier network to private and also the wifi network. No change, ping still works but no other traffic.

Found the problem. Added a rule to allow traffic from zerotier interface on the server. I wrongly assumed that the zerotier interface was “behind” the ufw firewall.

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