Node relay showing as direct with different IP

Hi all,

I’m having difficulties getting direct connection to node, even when opening udp 9993.
What is curious though, is that on the node itself the status is TUNNELED.
However on other nodes it shows up as a direct but with an IP that is not the node IP.
Is that the expected behavior?

Thanks in advance,


That’s odd. Are you also running a VPN maybe? You need all outgoing UDP to be open by the way. Your peers could be listening on any port.

Hi @zt-travis,

Thanks for the reply!
No, I’m not running any VPN.

However I think i found the issue, quick summary for others that might see this behavior:

During testing I noticed it was not possible anymore to ping any server on the internet.
My device is configured as bridge but I added the IP’s on the local network as managed IP’s in the zerotier portal. The default gateway of the local network was amongst them and that seemed to be a very bad idea…

I have now removed all managed IP’s from the bridge and it’s been running like charm since.
It’s kind of a miracle that zerotier was still able to maintain even some remote connectivity :slight_smile:

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