Not able to Ping


I have installed the ZeroTier Client on 2 PC’s that are on different locations. Both devices have been enabled on and have a Managed IP address. The issue is that I am not able to ping between the 2 devices. Both devices have no Antivirus and Windows Firewall/Defender is disabled.
I have also created custom rules in the firewall to allow ICMPv4 Request and port UDP 9993 is allowed.
What else can i try?

Sorry it’s hard to figure out where the problem is. It looks like you have some other devices up and running. Are there other nodes on the same physical network as the problem node? Are they working?

Via LAN IP i can get a Ping from other devices. But the 2 computers that have the client installed do not ping via the Managed IP ZT Provides

Anyone with suggestions?

Can your other zerotier devices ping either of these nodes on their zerotier addresses?

Yes, Android devices seem to be fine. As for windows, i’ve noticed that at times it’s pinging than if i let the connection stay idle for about 4 mins, I am no longer able to ping the device.

Your android device can ping both of the problem Windows devices?

Can you check the Router Config Tips

Yes I have gone over and over the router tips. I have my router setup as suggested.
What worked for me was to create a new network on Zerotier and migrate the devices. So far all good. But im not sure if this is a permanent solution. Might happen again to the new network created and its a hustle to frequently move networks.

Yes android is able to Ping

Let us know if it happens again.

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