On Demand keeps creating new client addresses

One of our iPhone users has this weird problem where her phone keeps creating new client addresses and is therefore not able to connect to our private zerotier network.

When I go to the client list on the zerotier portal it is full of dozens of offline phantom users, all from her IP address.

I just got off the phone with her and observed this firsthand.

She uninstalled zerotier and then reinstalled it on her phone from the app store (v 1.8.10). She added our network ID and activated the on demand beta. She read her client address to me and I checked the box in the portal to authorize it. She then tried to access the zerotier network, which failed. A new client address (completely different from the one she’d just seen and read to me) showed up in the portal from the same IP address. Her phone, however, still showed the first address. When she turned off the on demand beta, then it showed the new address.

I also use on-demand with zerotier 1.8.10 on my iPhone and have not experienced this. Likewise we have about 40 other clients on various platforms (windows, android, macos, linux) that don’t do this.

The only real difference in our usage that I know of is that she turns her phone off every night; not sure if that’s somehow relevant but you never know.

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I experience the same thing, it’s super annoying so I had to switch to CloudFlare warp on iOS devices while my windows devices stay on ZeroTier