On iphone/ipad app the network ID is shown in the clear

I am disappointed that when you open the Zerotier app on iphone or ipad the ZT network ID is shown in the clear. In a public place someone could look over my shoulder and see my network ID. This is not secure. Is there ant way to hide the ZT network ID on the app?

This is a misunderstanding of how security works with ZeroTier.

Having access to your network ID does not grant someone the ability to join or modify anything on your network. That choice is still left entirely to you. If you are authorizing nodes to join your network without knowing who they are or why they are requesting a join that’s a whole separate problem.

We won’t blur network IDs for the same reason your email client doesn’t blur your email address.

Thank you for your response. I DO understand ZeroTier security. I do understand that having the network ID alone does not give someone access. However, it is one small step in that direction.

Regarding the email address analogy, I get your point but, while I do consider securing my email account to be important, I consider securing my local network to be even more important.

Again, thanks for the response.

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