On MacOS 11.X, ZeroTier One repeatedly crashes/dies

On MacOS 11.X, ZeroTier One intermittently crashes/dies. (I haven’t been able to find a pattern to said crashes.)

Looking at dmesg, I don’t find any useful information, but I’ll paste a line below.

# ...
[62980.647930]: Sandbox: 5 duplicate reports for ZeroTier One deny(1) system-privilege 10006System Policy: kernel_task(0) deny(1) system-privilege 10006(2282750112): Created
# ...

There are a few dozen lines like this in dmesg. What tends to differ is the number of “duplicate reports” and the length of the line itself (e.g. multiple System Policy ... blocks).

I’m using ZeroTier One v1.6.4.

Haven’t seen that one before. Is it the UI system tray application that’s crashing? Or is it the actual zerotier-one daemon process that’s running in the background on the machine?

By the way: the UI Tray application just talks to the background process and isn’t required whatsoever. You can still configure ZeroTier via the command line in Terminal via zerotier-cli

I believe only the UI system tray is crashing (none of my ZeroTier connections drop – I’ve been able to maintain interactive ssh connections and visit web applications on ZeroTier peers).

Given your “btw” – I think this could be closed, then. It’s a bit annoying, but given the system tray isn’t necessary, I can just keep it closed. :sweat_smile:

Also, 1.6.5 is out now as well, though I don’t think there were any changes in the UI app.

Here’s the window that pops up. (ZeroTier daemon appears to still be running, though.)

“Retry” just leads to an endless series of these pop-ups, “Quit” (plus a relaunch of ZeroTier One) is the only alternative that works.


Do you have the macOS firewall, or any other firewall enabled? It communicates via a REST api on, so that can pop up if it can’t communicate with the daemon.

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I do, I just added an exception to the MacOS firewall. That’s odd, though. I’ve always had the firewall enabled (since 10.15) and this only started after MacOS 11.2 (I think, could’ve been 11.1, but I don’t believe it happened during 11.0.)

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