Opening required TCP and UDP ports of the network without having to connect zerotier to two specific computers?

Can I just completely Break down a NAT wall? I simply want to run an application gamecc on a cloud computer. Zerotier work beautifully when 2 computers are connected to the same network. Is there any way we could simply open the required UDP and TCP ports

Hard to say without any specifics about the network topology, ie how clients and the cloud environment are configured.

Dst-nat is probably needed if you don’t have a fully functional routing to the cloud environment. Check this out: Route between ZeroTier and Physical Networks where “Physical Network” represents the cloud environment in your case.

It’s also possible to route multiple local networks (LAN) to the cloud network the same way. Then all clients on the respective LAN will have direct access to the cloud environment without needing their own installation of ZT. Each LAN must be published using the ZT manager ( under “Advanced->Managed Routes”. Be aware that this allows traffic between all LANs, not just to the cloud. This can be restricted using “Flow Rules” in the ZT manager.

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