OpenWrt, crash - how to check reason

According to knowledge form the Internet, I’ve set zerotier on my few routers (NanoPi R1, FriendlyWrt 19.07.1, Zerotier 1.6.5).
All routers works very well, but I have a problem in one location, in that place after power-on router and zerotier starts working. After some time (usually after dozen of minutes, sometimes after few hours) process of zerotier is crashed. In that case after local connection to router I can’t use any command of zerotier, until restart of router.
I’ve tested three routers, all working very stable in my home and few other places, but the problem is in one factory.

At the begining, I’ve one question:
Is it some way to check the reason of crash instance of zerotier on OpenWrt system?

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that’s a pain. I don’t have an openwrt system handy and don’t remember, but there should be a general system log feature.

Are all the routers NanoPi R1s?

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I’ve found some log of system event but without any information about zerotier, in the next occasion I will do a copy of that.

Yes, all router are the same NanoPi R1, I can change one by other and problem is only in one location…

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