Opnsense don't work

Good morning
I configured the zerotier plugin on 3 firewalls with Opnsense to connect the 3 offices.
I set the firewall rules, created the interface, followed the instructions to the letter.
But the networks between them do not work, while if I connect with the client from my PC I see all 3 locations.
Is there a particular configuration to allow the internal networks to see each other?
Thank you

Perhaps, Managed Routes?

on the Zerotier portal I entered the routes, putting as via IP, the one given to the firewall and configured in the zerotier interface on opnsense

Check if those routes were distributed to all the ZT clients, then I can think only about the firewall(s) blocking the traffic.

on the firewall it looks like it’s deployed…even as a firewall rule they are there

On every OPNsense router you can check via System: Routes: Status and search for 10.147. if the routes were distibuted.

First set the firewall to pass all trafic. If all sites can reach each other, set your firewall rules.

On all the firewalls I see the correct routes, on all three firewalls there is the rule of accept everything … but the ping works in fits and starts … then it doesn’t work anymore … I have to put the individual rules on the firewall for each network ?

see also the note here:

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