Opnsense, giop and pbx server

I appreciate any guidance to solve my case.

I have opnsense firewall connected after a router (GPON), on my LAN I have a giop device, (the ISP is blocking the rtp posts, after changing to new ports again blocked), and I have a cloud pbx server, I’m trying to make a connection from the goip device to the cloud pbx server.

the pbx server and the opnsense are on the same zerotier network both are enabled and have ip address, but I couldn’t ping between them (should I add a port to wan firewall to expose the opnsense).

and what to do to make the goip device which is connected to LAN to connect to the pbx server.

Thanks in advanced for all your help, it is appreciated.

Hello everyone,

please can anyone confirm the capability of Zerotier for remote access to my entire network.

I’m investigating this possibility because of the simplicity and speed of zerotier, but ChatGPT highlighting other options for the same task.

Thanks in advanced, I appreciate your time.

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