OpnSense to OpnSense latency spikes


I have a few OpnSense routers connected with ZeroTier (version 1.10.2), all with public IPs, and traffic is flowing/routing properly. Using it for both site to site traffic and remote gateway for policy routing traffic over and out of a central location.

On either 30, 60, or 90 second intervals (seems to always be increments around 30s) i see latency spiking from the sites from the normal 30ms to 300+ for a single ping.

Wondering if there a config option or settings other people use who don’t have this issue, here are some following items i have tried and configs:

  • Set firewall to conservative profile
  • Opening 9993/udp (no effect)
  • Shaper rules (little/no effect)
  • Confirmed no relays
  • MTU lowering (no effect)

Best working local.conf

“physical”: {
“”: { “blacklist”: true },
“”: { “blacklist”: true },
“”: { “blacklist”: true }
“settings”: {
“primaryPort”: 9993,
“allowSecondaryPort”: false,
“portMappingEnabled”: true,
“allowTcpFallbackRelay”: false

Ping Example (30s apart):

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