Oracle node cannot reach other nodes in ZT

I have an Oracle Linux 9 in Oracle Cloud.
The routing from Zerotier is setup correctly.
allowDefault and allowDNS are enabled.
The route table on the node itself is correct as well.

This node however isn’t able to reach other any nodes on the ZT network, though other nodes with the same setting can access this Oracle node.

Is there any default security measure on Oracle Cloud that blocks the ZT route?

Oracle VMs ship with an iptables ruleset.

Add this:

iptables -I INPUT -p udp --dport 9993 -j ACCEPT

Thanks for the tip @sean.omeara
The iptables default to all accept for iNPUT.
I’ve added 9993/udp to firewalld and to the subnet NSG. Unfortunately, the result is still the same.
Is there another hint that you could give?

Looks like it’s time to bust out tshark =)

Check to see if it talk talk UDP 9993 to the root nodes, the controller, and the any peers

tshark isn’t in the default repo…

Could you help me a bit on the firewall here maybe.
The addition rule in firewalld is reflected in nftables (replacement of iptables)

Yet, nmap -sU shows 9993/udp open|filtered

What would be the way forward or what have I missed?

btw, turning off firewalld doesn’t help. It is as if I missed something in the subnet setting

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